Mallorca Dating Frequently Asked Questions



Membership is FREE - No hidden cost - Its free to sign up and free to use Mallorca Dating. Its fully financed with ads.  

Cancel membership

You can always cancel your membership and delete your profile. 


You do that on your profile =>Delete profile. When you cancel your membership, you have access until the period you paid for runs out. 

Site functions

Photos on your profile

You are free to upload as many photos of yourself as you want to your profile. 


We have some criteria’s for photos to be approved: 


The profile photo should show your face clearly. A photo of shoulders and face is best. 


ALL photos should be of you. Make sure to have the permission if the photo shows other persons. It is your responsibility to have the right to the photo. 


You are free to upload any kind of pictures you want – even naked pictures. For your own security - If you plan to show photos of more private kind - we suggest that you put them in a password protected album so only the persons YOU choose can see them. All people with access to the site can see your images if you don’t protect them. So think about what you put out there. 


NOTE: Fake Photos taken from the net - not showing you but another person will cause your profile to be banned. 

We check most of the photos.... 

NEAR ME function

To use the NEAR ME function it’s important that you enter your CURRENT location on Mallorca. That can be your hotel or where you live on Mallorca. 

That way other members on the island can see you are around and send you likes and invite you.  This is a fantastic way to meet in a quick and spontaneous way. 

Abuse reports

For your security we have a function called  ”Abuse reports”.  

Here its easy for you to report a profile if it is inappropriate, fake/Scam, or illegal. 

If anyone keeps on stalking you even you have said no, or if a profile shows fake photos – please report it.

We have VERY high standards for what we can tolerate here on the site – so if you come across anything – let us know. 

You find the abuse report button on every profile you come across. 

Hotlist - get more attention

You can put yourself on a Hotlist to attract even more attention.

For this you need Credits. When you set an ADD on the Hotlist you will be there in 30 days (or until you remove your profile). 

It cost 20 credits to go on the hotlist. Read more about the Credits here in FAQ.

CHAT system

You can communicate with all the profiles via messages or the real time chat.  

The chat looks like the one you have on Facebook. 

You find it in the lower right corner.  Select the profile you can to contact - and chat on!!!!

LIKE ME function

If you see a profile or photo you like – you can click LIKE ME. 

It’s a bit like on Facebook. 

The person you LIKE can see it – and see your profile. And he/she can like you back – and LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!

On your profile you have a section where you can see all the members who have liked your profile or images. 

THe Wall

Here all our members can post comments or thoughts.  It should not be used to make promotion for yourself or any business - only for thoughts, quotes and inspiration.

WARNING: using the wall to promote webpages or products will cause immediate banning from the site. No payback of members fee. 

MATCH function

Matchmaking is a really genius function. 

It takes your profile and matches it with the profiles that are looking for a partner with the same interests. And this list change all the time as new members come in. 

It is important to make sure that ALL fields are filled out on the profile. You decide yourself how many fields you want to fill out - and how much you want to tell - but a complete profile give you a better chance of finding the right person. 

Follow Mallorca Dating

Make sure to Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the buttons on the right or below. There you will get inspiration and info about dating.

And please also share with all your friends - and give them the possibility to meet the love of their life too. 


Wink is a way to see if anyone might be interested in you. 

It’s a kind of online flirt. Like a blink of an eye – before you use the LIKE ME button. 

When you send a WINK to anyone he/she has the possibility of saying Yes or no before you spend time writing. 

The wink is only an option – you can always write to another member without sending a wink first. 


You can bookmark a profile if you are interested – but want to wait writing.

The other profile cannot see you have bookmarked them. If you put a profile on favorites the other member can see it. 

So bookmark is a more ”secret” way of saving a profile for later. 


When you see a profile you like – and its ok for the other person to know that – then you can put it in the Favourite. 

You can see who has put you on their favourite – and who you have a favourites on your dashboard. 

How many Photos on your profile?

To make your profile look it’s very best – it’s important to upload minimum 7 photos to your profile. These images will make a nice photo wall – and make your profile look great and interesting. You can see examples of that on the TEST WOMAN and TEST MAN profiles.

In addition you should upload a profile photo. This photo will show up when someone favourite you – and see you in a search. 

So make this photo your best – and make sure it’s a headshot photo. That gives you the best result. 

Private photoalbums

You can lock one or more of your photo albums with a password. Then you can make sure that some of the images are only for those ones you are really interested in. If you want to show the photos to a person – just let them know the code – and she/he can see your delicious secret photos.

 For the best look of your profile – its best to upload minimum 7 images to make the wall. These images cannot be locked. 


The tags are used to setup more info keywords about you. 

It could be interests, movies, hobbies, personal traits, likes, and preferences - everything that you want to be found at. 

Other members can search for tags. 

POKE function

You find the poke function when you are viewing other profiles. You can send other members a POKE, KISS, HUG, KICK, and even a HOT KISS to someone really special. 

The member you send the poke to will be advised who sent it by message and email. 

You can return or reject a poke. 

Password protected photo
Password protected photo
Password protected photo